Web hosting add-on services

Different web hosting companies offer a variety of add-on services other than basic ones, according to clients’ needs.

Server Co-location: place your server in data center to enjoy its infrastructure, like stable network broadband, constant temperature, dust-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof, static electricity-proof, etc. You have full authority on the server, can decide which OS to run, and which type of business to do.

Dedicated Server Hosting: a fee is paid to rent servers from web hosting companies without the need to purchase one. You may enjoy the simplicity of hosting services and maintain the website with tools such as Telnet at the same time. As you’re the only one using the server, you gain access to more resources than normal web hosting. It does great favor to those with huge customer flows.

Web Statistics: Stats such as daily visits, page views and total info sent to visitors can be traced with a site visit counter installed. This is crucial for those who need to keep tracking on site visits and details about visitors.

Website and email back-up: back up your website and email on a weekly basis or a specific time, to prevent losing important data.

Secure SSL Server: it is a kind of network safety protocol (HTTPS). Any data transferred through network is encrypted under the safety mechanism of SSL, to make it difficult to be intruded. SSL provides a higher level of data encryption – if your site has nothing to do with personal data (such as credit card no. or ID no.), then there might not be an urgent need for SSL.

Virus Scanning: web hosting companies update virus databases regularly. Emails containing viruses are scanned and blocked. For details please visit Anti-spam & anti-virus

Spam scanning: Spam emails such as advertisements and pornography are blocked after preliminary scanning. For details please visit Anti-spam & anti-virus

Email encryption: apply technical encryption between your PC and email servers to prevent email data from intruding by hackers and competitors.

Email monitoring: a carbon copy of each outgoing email will be sent to a specified email account for admins to monitor the outgoing email services of the company.

Email promotion: web hosting companies draft promotional emails and send them to users as a promotion means.

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