Introduction to Free Web Hosting

Some elementary portals provide free web hosting, allowing members to set up their homepage, word text, picture, etc, so to promote their portal with the publicity of its users. But of course, there aren’t free lunches in this world, restrictions of it are:

  • Limited space, usually within 2M – 20M
  • Under certain limitation, e.g. ad banners from other company, restricted flow, limited languages, etc
  • Cannot use your own domain, previous example could be for your personal account, it would be, which seems unprofessional
  • Monotonic services, usually just includes uploading, downloading and window display
  • Uptime not guaranteed, and promises on stability, pretty much like no seats guarantee for a Ferris Wheel in a public park
  • No technical support, usually won’t accept phone or email inquires
  • No guarantee on reputation: Since it is free, there are no system to complain, and other users under the same hosting mother site may be engaging illegal activities, which could be affecting your business if the whole server has to be shut down

In conclusion, free websites are only suitable for individual users, website beginners and those who do not have much expectation on hosting services.


Types of Web Hosting

Currently in Hong Kong, there are 3 main types of web hosting: