Basic concept on hosting

What is Web Hosting? 

If you need to create your own official website or for your company to show the world who you are and what you can offer, and to connect with all the follow netizen, you need a hosting space to store up all the information.

In short, web hosting is your cube storage shelf online.

Process of Web Hosting

If you type in a domain in a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), your internet service provider (e.g. Netvigator) would send the request to ICANN (assuming the request domain is a .com). ICANN would first identify if the domain has been registered (if not, it would answer your ISP and a blank/ “This page cannot be display” would show on your screen).

If the domain has been registered, ICANN would inform your ISP this requested domain’s DNS (Domain Name Server), and that DNS would locate the website’s Web Server. Once the web server is located, your computer browser would show information got from the web server of the specific website.

So, DNS is very important yet it only has one function: to act as a tour guide, without other purposes, but you cannot lose it.

The above process is similar while sending email or uploading files, but DNS would bring you to the Mail Server, FTP Server and Database server etc. A point worth mentioning is that a server can multi-function at the same time, i.e. as the DNS, Web Server, Mail Server and Database Server, it is technically possible. However, if this server malfunction, all the applications would be gone.

Types of Web Hosting

Currently in Hong Kong, there are 3 main types of web hosting: