Free email vs paid email

Amid the increase in demand for email functions, paid emails began to emerge. Here is a comparison of the 2 types of emails for reference:-

Functions Free emails Paid emails
Capacity Limited Customized
Changing capacity Not available Available
Attachment size Smaller Customized
Email domain Same as email provider Can choose customized domain
Special features Common sending and receiving emails Lots of add-on features, such as auto-forward & non-address-specific emails
Resetting password Complicated procedures Contact administrators directly to get password back
Email downloading (eg POP3, imap) Mostly unsupported Supported
Email ads Many None; plus email filtering service
CS hotline None 24X7 hotline available for most providers

In short, while free emails suit personal daily uses better, paid emails are preferred for companies that aim to build its own brand, open multiple accounts for employees in commercial use with better security.