Top 10 web hosting companies with high stability

This ranking includes the following attributes, namely email stability, website stability, number of customers, average server reply time, local connection speed, overseas connection speed & date centre distribution.

Rank Company Score
1 PCCW 61
2 UDomain 52
3 Communilink 48
4 Web Host 45
5 AdvanHost 40
6 Smart-Info 39
7 Dapyxis 36
8 HK82 35
9 UHOST 35
10 01Link 33

Email Stability means the uptime of email server. Web hosting companies with higher scores make it possible to send and receive emails without delay. Ones with lower scores might take quite a long time before receiving emails, which affects effectiveness.

Website Stability stands for the uptime of network server. Web hosting companies with higher score in website stability ensure the contents of the website are able to be viewed by users at any time. Those with low website stability might experience lagging or even failing to browse.

Number of Customers of a web hosting company usually means more investments on better network infrastructures, which brings higher stability.

Average Server Reply Time: the faster the better.

Local Connection Speed means the bandwidth of the web hosting company within Hong Kong. More bandwidth means higher site transportation speed.

Overseas Connection Speed means the bandwidth of the web hosting company overseas. Less bandwidth means lower site transportation speed. Due to technical limits, this site could only test the connection speeds of China and the USA.

Data Centre Distribution means the number of date centres web hosting companies rent in Hong Kong. Relying on just one date centre could lead to total down of network due to accidents in data centre.

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